CNYWBA Proposed Executive Board 2019-2020

In accordance with Article VI, Section 2(C) of the By-laws of the Central New York Women's Bar Association, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the CNYWBA membership of the Nominating Committee's Recommendations for the CNYWBA 2019-20 Officers and Directors, as follows:
President                            Laurel Eveleigh
President-elect                   Shannon O'Connor
Vice President                    Jillian McGuire    
Treasurer                            Brittany Hannah
Secretary                            Colleen Gibbons 
Immediate Past President  Nicole Marlow-Jones 
At-Large                                      Jane Zhang
(one-year term - expires 2020)    Melissa Swartz
At-Large                                      Whitney Kummerow
(two-year term - expires 2020)    Hon. Deborah Karalunas
At-Large                                       Emanuela D'Ambrogio
(two-year term - expires 2021)    Sara Lowengard 
Directors with Standing Committee Chairs
Membership                       Leah Witmer
Programming                     Erin Phillips
WBASNY                          Taylor Baker 
                                           Maureen Maney
                                           Samantha Riggi
Communications/PR          Annaleigh Porter
Pro Bono Projects              Samantha Aguam
Judicial Screening              Suzanne Galbato
                                           Kelsey Shannon 
Ex-Officio                          Hon. Rosemary Pooler
Any member in good standing may nominate a person or person(s) as Officer(s) or Director(s).  Pursuant to Article VI, Section 2(D) of the By-laws, such nomination(s) must be in writing, delivered to the Secretary on or before March 1, 2019, and must be accompanied by a statement that the consent of such person(s) to serve, if elected, has been obtained.
Notice of the Annual Meeting scheduled for April 11, 2019 will be provided to the membership in March, together with notice of any additional nominations submitted by members of CNYWBA and the nominees for the 2019-20 officers of the Women's Bar Association of the State of New York.