6/20/2024 5:00pm
Installation 2024

6/11/2024 3:30pm
Utica Judicial Reception

5/30/2024 9:00am
State WBASNY Convention 2024

5/14/2024 8:00am
Breakfast at the Bar May 2024

5/1/2024 10:00am
Voices of Democracy 2024

4/16/2024 12:00pm
Annual Meeting 2024

4/9/2024 8:00am
Breakfast at the Bar April 2024

3/28/2024 6:00pm
Judge's Choice Dinner with Hon. Ted Limpert

3/27/2024 8:00am
One Day for Orange - Beatrice Krupkin Scholarship

3/21/2024 9:00am
Read Across America, March 7, 8 and 21, 2024

3/12/2024 8:00am
Breakfast at the Bar March 2024

2/15/2024 12:00pm
Luncheon to Celebrate Hon. Danielle Fogel

2/13/2024 8:00am
Breakfast at the Bar February 2024

1/26/2024 5:00pm
CNYWBA Village Play and Vision Board Event

1/19/2024 5:45pm
Yoga and Sound Bath Class

1/9/2024 8:00am
Breakfast at the Bar January 2024

12/21/2023 8:30am
Faith and Community Leaders Breakfast 2023

12/12/2023 8:00am
Breakfast at the Bar December 2023

12/7/2023 5:00pm
Holiday Party 2023

11/28/2023 12:00am
Giving Tuesday 'Cuse - the Honorable Beatrice Krupkin Endowed Scholarship Fund

11/14/2023 8:00am
Breakfast at the Bar November 2023

11/8/2023 5:30pm
Judge's Choice hosted by Hon. Julie Cerio

10/19/2023 5:30pm
Women in Medicine and Law Dinner 2023

10/5/2023 5:00pm
Evening to Celebrate Hon. Deborah Karalunas

9/25/2023 4:00pm
Latin/x and Hispanic Heritage Month Event

9/14/2023 5:30pm
2023 Judicial Reception

8/8/2023 8:00am
Breakfast at the Bar August 2023

6/21/2023 4:30pm
A Conversation with Judges Sannes, Nardacci, and Kinsella

6/20/2023 5:00pm
Installation 2023

6/1/2023 8:00am
State WBASNY Convention

5/9/2023 8:00am
Breakfast at the Bar May 2023

4/28/2023 3:30pm
Women's Economic Institute Welcome Reception and Tour

4/26/2023 11:45am
Annual Meeting and Luncheon

4/13/2023 4:00pm
Roadways to the Bench

4/11/2023 8:00am
Breakfast at the Bar April 2023

3/30/2023 5:30pm
Women's History Month Mixer

3/16/2023 8:00am
Breakfast at the Bar March 2023 - POSTPONED until Thursday

3/1/2023 12:00pm
Gender Identity CLE

2/14/2023 8:00am
Breakfast at the Bar February 2023

1/10/2023 8:00am
Breakfast at the Bar January 2023

12/14/2022 5:30pm
Holiday Party

12/14/2022 5:30pm
Clothing Drive

12/13/2022 8:00am
Breakfast at the Bar December 2022

11/3/2022 5:30pm
CNYWBA's 40th Anniversary Celebration

10/27/2022 5:30pm
Judge's Choice hosted by Hon. Thérèse Wiley Dancks

10/11/2022 8:00am
Breakfast at the Bar October 2022

9/24/2022 5:30pm
SUCOL Fifth Annual Alumni of Color Awards Ceremony

9/13/2022 8:00am
Breakfast at the Bar September 2022

9/1/2022 5:30pm
2022 Judicial Reception

8/11/2022 5:00pm
Judge's Choice Dinner

8/9/2022 8:00am
Breakfast at the Bar August 2022

6/29/2022 5:00pm
Installation 2022-23

5/9/2022 8:00am
WBASNY Lobby Week 2022

4/25/2022 12:00pm
2022 Annual Meeting

4/7/2022 5:30pm
Law & Medicine Dinner 2022

12/9/2021 6:00pm
CNYWBA Holiday Toast / Blessings in a Backpack Fund Drive

8/19/2021 5:30pm
39th Annual Judicial Reception

8/10/2021 8:00am
Breakfast at the Bar, Round 2

7/13/2021 8:00am
Breakfast at the Bar

6/24/2021 5:30pm
Installation 2021

4/28/2021 12:00pm
Annual Meeting and Election of Officers

10/22/2020 6:00pm
2020 Law & Medicine Event: Getting a Seat at the Table

9/24/2020 6:30pm
Cheers for a Cause - VLP Virtual Wine Tasting

2/27/2020 3:00pm
If Not Now, When? ADR in the State and Federal Courts

12/16/2019 5:30pm
Annual Holiday Party 2019

11/15/2019 1:00pm
WBASNY Celebrates Women's Suffrage

11/13/2019 12:00am
The Intersection of Oppression, Race and Intimate Partner Violence: Centering LGBTQ+ People of Color

10/30/2019 12:00pm
Chamber Chat with Hon. Deborah H. Karalunas

10/29/2019 6:30pm
Dinner with Surrogate Court Judge Mary Keib Smith

9/26/2019 5:30pm
38th Annual Judicial Reception

6/12/2019 5:30pm
Installation of the 2019-20 Officers and Directors

5/2/2019 5:30pm
15th Annual Law-Medicine Dinner

4/11/2019 12:00pm
2019 CNYWBA Annual Meeting and Presentation of the Karen DeCrow Award

4/3/2019 1:00pm
Women in Law Summit and Reception Honoring Chief Judge Janet DiFiore

3/26/2019 12:00pm
Bench & Bar Buffet

3/19/2019 9:00am
Pathways to Empowering Immigrant Women and Girls

3/11/2019 12:00pm
Women, Work, Life and the Law

3/4/2019 12:00pm
Mentoring Luncheon: Pathways to Practice

3/1/2019 8:00am
Read Across America 2019

2/26/2019 12:00pm
CLE and Training for CNYWBA Vera House Clinic

1/26/2019 10:00am
WBASNY Board of Directors Meeting - January 2019

1/25/2019 12:00pm
Mentoring Luncheon and Clothing Drive

1/10/2019 6:00pm
Judge's Choice Dinner With The Honorable Deborah Karalunas

12/12/2018 5:30pm
CNYWBA Holiday Party

12/6/2018 7:00pm
Retirement Celebration for the Honorable Karen M. Uplinger

11/20/2018 12:00pm
Bench & Bar Buffet with Syracuse City Court Judges

11/17/2018 9:30am
WBASNY Board of Directors Meeting - Syracuse

11/16/2018 6:00pm
WBASNY Central New York Dinner

11/5/2018 5:00pm
Judicial Reception for the Honorable Rosemary S. Pooler

10/25/2018 12:30pm
Women On the Move 2018: Attorney as Advocate

10/8/2018 9:00am
Get Out the Vote Initiative 2018

10/4/2018 5:30pm
CNYWBA 37th Annual Judicial Reception

9/22/2018 10:00am
WBASNY Board of Directors Meeting

9/11/2018 5:30pm
Introducing the CNYWBA Judge's Choice Dinner

9/5/2018 12:00pm
CNYWBA Board of Directors Meeting

8/28/2018 12:00am
Syracuse University College of Law's annual Fall Kickoff Welcome Reception

8/27/2018 12:00pm
CLE - How to Become an Attorney for the Children

8/2/2018 12:00pm
CNYWBA Board Meeting

7/19/2018 12:00pm
CNYWBA Board Orientation & Strategic Planning Session

6/26/2018 7:30am
Bench & Bar Buffet: Meet the Supremes

6/21/2018 5:00pm
Installation of the 2018-2019 Executive Board and Volunteer Recognition

6/14/2018 4:15pm
Welcome to Syracuse

6/7/2018 5:30pm
Judiciary Appreciation and Networking Reception

5/23/2018 12:00pm
Networking Luncheon - Lady Lawyer All-Stars

4/18/2018 5:30pm
14th Annual Law-Medicine Dinner

4/12/2018 12:00pm
CNYWBA Annual Meeting 2018

4/10/2018 12:00pm
Bench Bar Buffet with Acting Supreme Court Justices Martha Walsh Hood and Martha E. Mulroy

3/9/2018 12:00pm
CLE: Indian Child Welfare Act

3/2/2018 9:00am
Read Across America 2018

3/1/2018 6:00pm
Casino Night to benefit Volunteer Lawyers Project

2/13/2018 1:45pm
Handling Appeals in the Fourth Department: Insight into the Appellate Practice

1/26/2018 12:00pm
Mentoring Luncheon

1/11/2018 12:00pm
CLE: LGBT Parentage and Advocating for Clients Experiencing Poverty and Domestic Violence

12/7/2017 5:00pm
CNYWBA Annual Holiday Party

9/28/2017 5:30pm
36th Annual Judicial Reception

9/8/2017 12:00pm
Fall Mentoring Luncheon: Chamber Chat with Women of the Federal Bench

6/14/2017 5:30pm
Installation of 2017-2018 Executive Board and Membership Year Kick-off Reception

5/11/2017 12:00pm
Human Trafficking CLE

4/27/2017 12:00pm
2017 Meeting of Members of the CNYWBA and Presentation of the Karen DeCrow Award

4/6/2017 5:30pm
13th Annual Law-Medicine Dinner

3/3/2017 6:00pm
VLP's Casino Night - enter to win a ticket package!

3/2/2017 8:00am
Read Across America 2017

2/1/2017 6:00pm
Go Red Evening Out

12/7/2016 5:30pm
Holiday Party 2016

11/5/2016 9:30am
The Gavel Gap: Why New York’s Judiciary Doesn’t Reflect the Population

10/6/2016 5:30pm
Annual Judicial Reception

9/21/2016 5:30pm
New Member Reception