CNYWBA Seeking Awards Nominations

Please consider nominating a member of the Central New York Women's Bar Association for a statewide or national award. If you know a worthy candidate, please contact us. We would love to help nominate our members for awards! 
Award descriptions:
American Inns of Court Professionalism Award in the Second Circuit - US Court of Appeals, Second Circuit
This award honors an attorney who is the quintessential mentor - and as such, embodies fundamental values of the profession to which the American Inns of Court is dedicated. The honoree is a senior lawyer who for a generation or more has guided younger practitioners by word and by example. He or she is a "lawyer's lawyer" - a master of the craft - whose life and work reflect civility, competence and ethical behavior. Attorneys who have taught, supervised and nurtured developing lawyers; and who, in doing so, have assured that the finest traditions of the Bar will be sustained are eligible. Criteria: Nominations should have: Engaged in the practice of law for at least twenty years; Be serving now as a lawyer in Connecticut, New York or Vermont; Occupy a senior position in the office of a prosecutor or a defender, a law firm, a private institution or corporation, or a government agency; Judges and full-time professors are not eligible. 
Governor's Justice, Freedom & Courage Awards to End Domestic Violence - NYSOPDV
Criteria: Submissions should include: A nomination letter, which should not exceed two, single spaced, single-sided letter-sized pages; Three letters of reference; Or scholarship nominees, please indicate to the best of your knowledge if the nominee is TANF eligible; If an organization is the nominee, provide the name of the individual who would accept the award; If the nominator is affiliated with an organization, the nomination letter should be submitted on official letterhead and contain the nominator's signature, as well as the nominator's position/title.
The Haywood Burns Memorial Award - NYSBA 
The Haywood Burns Memorial Award will be given to an individual, not necessarily a lawyer, who has contributed to New York State in a manner which reflects Dean Burns' commitment to the struggle for justice and the qualities that made him an outstanding advocate for civil rights and the empowerment of the powerless. Criteria: Submissions must state what the nominee has done to further the struggle for justice, to assist the powerless in gaining power, and/or to advance the civil rights of all people in New York State. Nomination Requirements: Nominations are solicited from organizations or individuals. Self-nominations will not be accepted. 
Margaret Brent Women Lawyers of Achievement Award - ABA 
This award honors outstanding women lawyers who have achieved professional excellence within their area of specialty and have actively paved the way to success for other women lawyers. The award will be presented to five women lawyers who excel in a variety of professional settings and who personify excellence in either the national, regional of local level. Criteria: In no more than two typed pages, answer the following questions, providing specific, concrete examples for number 1 and at least one of the criteria in numbers 2-4: 1. The individual achieved professional excellence in her field and 2. Influenced other women to pursue legal careers, or 3. Opened doors for women lawyers in a variety of job settings that historically were closed to them, or 4. Advanced opportunities for women within a practice area or segment of the profession. In addition, you may include news or magazine articles written by or about the candidate and no more than 5 letters of support from individuals of organizations. The limitation on letters of support will be observed. If more than 5 letters are submitted, Commission staff will determine which letters will be included with the final nomination materials sent to Commission members for their review and consideration. 
Public Service Award - NCWBA
One or more women's bar associations will be honored for innovative programs involving a large percentage of its local members. Traditionally, projects are recognized which utilize knowledge of the legal system to benefit women and children. Criteria: Member organizations of NCWBA (whose dues are current or submitted with the application) may submit nominations; Projects co-sponsored with other organizations may be considered, although more weight is given to those carried out solely by a women's bar organization or for which the women's bar association is the initiator or lead member. Nomination requirements: Include the year your association / organization was established, a brief sketch of it's growth and development, its major contributions to the legal community at large, and its current membership. In one to three typed pages, describe the nominated project, giving sufficient details that another 3 women's bar organization wishing to do a similar project could use your description as an action outline. Include details of how it was begun, the number of women attorneys involved, and its impact or results. Include photographs, news clippings or other documentation of support. 
Root/Stimson Award - NYSBA
This award honors a lawyer who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to community and volunteer service and to the improvement of the justice system. The award is presented to a lawyer admitted to practice in New York State who is actively involved in volunteer community service work. The award recognizes members of legal profession who have given unstintingly of their time through their community service activities. One recipient is selected for the award at the discretion of the committee. Criteria: Narrative detailing the nominee's accomplishments. The narrative should include a detailed description of the nominee's volunteer community service activities, including the names of organizations and dates of service. 
Ruth G. Schapiro Memorial Award - NYSBA
This award honors a female or male member of the Association who has made a noteworthy contribution to addressing the concerns of women. Current members of the Committee on Women in the Law are not eligible to receive the award. Nomination Requirements: A resume or similar biographical material for the nominee should accompany the nomination form. 
Betty Weinberg Ellerin Mentor Award - WBASNY
This award was established in honor of one of our founding members, the Honorable Betty Weinberg Ellerin, former Associate Justice of the Appellate Division, First Department. Through the years, Justice Ellerin has served as a mentor, teacher, guide and trusted counselor to hundreds of attorneys and judges, including WBASNY officers and members. The inaugural award was given to Justice Ellerin in honor of her generous spirit and willingness to provide creative ideas and supportive solutions. The Officers have the discretion to bestow this award on such occasions as they determine that there is a member who has continuously served as a mentor and role model, providing advice, support and guidance to the members of WBASNY. 
Doris S. Hoffman Medal - WBASNY
This medal is given to a WBASNY member who has demonstrated exceptional leadership and service to women lawyers in New York State. The Executive Board, rather than the Awards Committee, awards this medal on such occasions as it determines that there is a member who qualifies. For five years, the donor will make a contribution in the name of Doris S. Hoffman to a charity selected by the medal recipient. Thereafter, WBASNY may choose to fund the contribution or seek other donors. 
Doris S. Hoffman Outstanding New Lawyer Award - WBASNY
This award is given to a WBASNY member who, as of the December 31st prior to the convention at which the award will be presented, has been a member of the bar for not more than five (5) years, and who has made outstanding achievements within the profession, outstanding contributions within the WBASNY member's community, or both. The award is named in honor of WBASNY's 1994-1995 President, who encouraged new lawyers to become active contributors to their profession and community and showed them how to do so. 
Hanna S. Cohn Pro Bono Award - WBASNY
This award is given to a WBASNY member for contributions to the provision of pro bono legal services to the community in which the member practices, beyond the recipient's employment responsibilities. 
Joan L. Ellenbogen Founder's Award - WBASNY
This award is given to a distinguished member of the bar whose acts exemplify the essence of justice, thereby demonstrating a harmony with the founding principles of WBASNY, for a singular outstanding achievement, longstanding significant involvement, of a lifetime of constancy of purpose in advancing the status of women in society and the law. 
Marilyn R. Menge Award - WBASNY
This award is given to an outstanding member of WBASNY who has made valuable and significant contributions to a chapter or the statewide organization. The award is named in honor of a member whose work, wherever she was needed in WBASNY, ensured its early success and who was a founding member of the Capital District Chapter. 
Stephanie E. Kupferman Juvenile Justice Award - WBASNY
Established and endowed by the Honorable Theodore R. Kupferman in 1999, and named in honor of WBASNY member, Stephanie E. Kupferman, this award is given to a WBASNY member who has shown outstanding achievement in legal matters involving juveniles over a period of three or more years, as a prosecutor, defense counsel or law guardian or judge. 
Judith S. Kaye Access to Justice Award - WBASNY
This award honors a member who demonstrates the core values to which former Court of Appeals Chief Judge Kaye steadfastly adhered in order to ensure that there would be equal access to justice and that justice was carried out, in part, through service, good will and professionalism. Those eligible for consideration are WBASNY members who are current or former State or Federal public sector employees, including, but not limited to, members of the judiciary (this is broadly defined to include Support Magistrates, Law Clerks, etc. not just judges), prosecutors, public defenders, county attorneys, 18-b counsel, CJAs, etc. (Established in late 2008 and first awarded at the 2010 convention.)