Request for Comment: Chief Judge Fiore's Proposed Court Simplification

WBASNY President Dierdre Hay has been asked by Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence Marks to testify on behalf of WBASNY on the Chief Judge's proposed court simplification project on November 21st in Albany. 
Press Release
Key Provisions of the Chief Judge's Proposal
Court Merger - Final Proposal
Inasmuch as this proposal will likely affect each of us, we, as chapters, are being asked to provide any thoughts or comments we may have on the proposal to WBASNY as soon as possible.  We would ask that any CNYWBA members who are interested and have comments email their comments to CNYWBA President Laurel Eveleigh, who will transmit them to Dierdre in a cohesive package from our chapter.  This is an opportunity to make your voice heard on a potentially critical issue for our practices going forward, so we urge everyone to give the proposal some thought and provide feedback.