Survey on Gender Fairness in the Courts

Over the next four to six weeks, a large, random sample of attorneys admitted to practice in New York State will receive a survey from Chief Judge Janet DiFiore. The survey seeks practitioners' insights on gender fairness in the New York State Courts. It has been 32 years since the New York Task Force on Women in the Courts issued a report on gender bias. That report found pervasive gender bias in our court system with "grave consequences that denied women equal justice, equal treatment and equal opportunity." The current poll will gauge what progress has been made toward eliminating gender disparities and what continued- or new-corrective action is necessary.
The survey, which will take approximately 20 minutes to complete, addresses the experiences of attorneys and court users, asking participants if and how gender affects courtroom interactions, the courthouse environment and free-generating appointments and assignments.
The Central New York Women's Bar Association encourages the participation of its members selected to complete the survey.
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