WBASNY Committee on Human Trafficking

CNYWBA has been asked to identify a chapter member who would like to serve on one of four new WBASNY committees.  Committee work can be a great way to meet others who share an interest in your practice area, explore a new area of interest or simply keep up with emerging areas of law.  The specific committee with a request this time is the Human Trafficking Committee.  A description of the committee's work and the commitment they are asking for is below. 

WBASNY has established a new Committee on Human Trafficking to help victims of sex  and labor trafficking throughout New York State. The Committee's focus will be on outreach to victims, increasing public awareness and advocacy. 

Because sex trafficking victims are often afraid to seek legal or other protection, the Committee's projects will include designing a poster to inform victims where to get local help. The poster will help WBASNY reach victims who otherwise might not know where to turn. To be most effective, the Committee seeks a representative from each chapter to assist with the creation and regional distribution of the poster.

Other activities will include identifying sex trafficking bills for consideration by WBASNY's Legislation Committee in the 2020 session. The Trafficking Committee will also present speakers on labor trafficking during  meetings to help inform its members on this issue.

The new committee will meet monthly by phone. Please let them know whom from your chapter would like to participate. The co-chairs are Alyssa Talanker, Damara Fredette and Samantha Breakstone. Their contact information can be found at https://www.wbasny.org/about/committees/human-trafficking/ 


Please let me know if you are interested in participating on this committee for our chapter.  As you can see, the committee meets monthly by phone and should not require a travel commitment.  They will also likely meet at the WBASNY meeting here at the College of Law on November 16th, so you could meet fellow committee members in person then if you were so inclined.    

Thank you for your interest.

Laurel J. Eveleigh, CNYWBA President